It’s All About Mixing Metals

One single selection of a design can lead you to create the entire picture. This is precisely how Mission Kitchen and Bath designed this stunning bathroom. They started with one component and then used it to select the other components, including a beautiful mix of metals. Many people are resistant to combine different metal finishes in the same space, believing … Read More

Luxury Showers are a Big Trend in Bathroom Remodeling for 2016

As the new year gets underway, many of us set our goals for the coming year. If remodeling your bathroom is on your list, you may be looking for ideas. One of the big trends in bathroom remodeling this year will be upgrading the shower, using it as the focal point for the bathroom. These upgraded showers go well beyond … Read More

Bathrooms are Going High-Tech

Technology is becoming more prominent everywhere, from phones and watches to appliance and even cars. Now you can add bathrooms to that list. The new high-tech features being added to the bathroom go way beyond the electric toothbrush. This lavatory technology is not just for high-end homes. In recent years, it has become more affordable, making it accessible to all … Read More

What to Look for When Selecting a New Bathtub

If you’re remodeling your bathroom or, perhaps, adding a bathroom to your home, one of the decisions you’ll need to make is choosing a bathtub. While it may not get daily use, the bathtub is often the focal point of the bathroom, making it an important design component. Even if you’re more of a shower person, a bathtub is a … Read More

Get Your Home Ready to Sell with a Bathroom Renovation

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, you may be wondering what you should do to get it ready to sell. The kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms that tend to sell the house. And bathrooms are getting more attention that ever from prospective buyers as the trend has shifted to larger, more luxurious bathrooms. Remodeling … Read More

Incorporate Universal Design into Your Bathroom Remodel

Universal design has become an important concept in home remodeling. Many people have the misconception that universal design involves designing specifically for elderly or disabled individuals. In reality, universal design is an architectural approach to creating space that comfortably accommodates a wide range of differing needs and requirements of users, regardless of age or physical abilities. Incorporating universal design elements … Read More

Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

More and more homeowners are integrating universal design or aging-in-place features when remodeling bathrooms to make sure their house will meet their needs as they age, but they may not think about family members at the other end of the age spectrum. If you have children in your home, there are some things you can incorporate into your bathroom remodeling … Read More

Create the Spa Experience at Home with a Steam Shower

Steam showers have become a hot remodeling trend as homeowners are looking for ways to recreate the spa experience at home. Steam shower are now surpassing soaking tubs and whirlpool tubs as the preferred way to relax and indulge. Steam showers provide a number of benefits: A steam shower can help reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. It increase … Read More

Get Your Dream Bathroom with the Right Mix of Saving and Splurging

Bathrooms are challenging kitchens as the most remodeled room in the house. A driving factor is the trend to transform bathrooms from simply functional to fabulous and spa-like. But like all remodeling projects, spending can get out of hand before you realize it without careful planning. But it is possible to get the bathroom you want without exceeding your budget … Read More

Is Remodeling Your Bath with a Luxury Shower but No Tub a Smart Move?

Giant tubs have fallen out of favor. Over the last few years, designers and remodelers have been getting more and more requests to replace the tub in the master bathroom with a large, luxury shower. The question many homeowners face when considering this option is whether having a master bath without a tub will affect resale value down the road. … Read More