Custom Kitchen Amenities in Kansas City and Overland Park, KS

When remodeling your Kansas City kitchen, you should take the time to customize beyond the cabinets, countertops, and tile; you should add custom amenities for your new kitchen.

Kitchen amenities are the extra little things that really make your kitchen a special part of your home. No homeowner wants a kitchen that is just plain walls, cabinets, and counters. With kitchen amenities, you can bring your culinary space to the next level. Not only do these pieces make everyday tasks more enjoyable thanks to their convenient functionality – like the practical in-wall water filtration system -, but kitchen amenities also can show off your individual personality. For example, a built-in coffee station gives you both your kick-start in the morning, as well as a great conversation piece when friends are visiting.

Other unique kitchen amenities that add substantially to your home include pull-out cutting boards, mobile islands, and trendy large farmhouse style sinks. Plus, who could say no to a TV mounted strategically within upper cabinets? Watch the news while you prepare dinner, or even compete against your favorite television cooking shows.

If your kitchen sees a lot of entertaining, adding a middle island with a sink and garbage disposal can allow multiple people to cook at once with ease. It may even help reduce cleanup time at the end of your social event. If you like the latest and greatest, consider installing a pot filler. Positioned directly above the stove, there will be no need to carry a heavy pot from the sink to the stove. If you need a place for your trashcan or recycling storage, a recycling station that hides behind a cabinet can be added to your new kitchen.

During a remodel, Mission Kitchen and Bath can install a wide range of kitchen amenities to ensure your kitchen is exactly what you want and need. From wine racks and built-in refrigerators, to spice racks built directly into the cabinets. We can set your kitchen up in a way you’ve always wanted. Consider adding a few amenities that will make your kitchen truly unique. These little features not only make your life easier, but in the long run, they will add substantial value to your home.

The value kitchen amenities add to your property is incredible. With so many buyers narrowing in on kitchens when shopping, just a handful of special amenities can help appeal to future owners. Even if you are not looking to sell soon, your family can still enjoy the value kitchen amenities bring each day, all while impressing your guests.

Mission Kitchen and Bath understands that your lifestyle makes a significant impact on your kitchen needs. If you’re undecided on what amenities to add or what we are able to provide, speak to one of our experts and they’ll be sure to help you find the perfect kitchen add-ins. We will make your dream kitchen a reality.