Kansas City Bathtub Install / Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re a shower person, you may not give much thought to the bathtub when planning your bathroom remodeling project. But the bathtub is an important element that should be carefully considered. The right bathtub will become the centerpiece and main focal point of your new bathroom design. The bathroom design experts at Mission Kitchen and Bath can help you select the ideal bathtub for your bathroom remodel.

No longer are you stuck with a plain, small bathtub. There are now endless options when it comes to selecting a bathtub. One of the most popular types of bathtubs on the market is jetted bathtubs. Most luxury bathrooms in high-end homes feature a jetted tub as the centerpiece of the bathroom. Jetted bathtubs offer a number of benefits. The addition of a jetted bathtub will add a great selling point and increase your home’s value. Jetted bathtubs also offer the health benefits of relieving stress and tension.

Selecting a jetted tub doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Jetted bathtubs are available in wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and styles, making it easy to suit any bathroom design. Smaller alcove jetted bathtubs can easily replace an outdated bathtub. A drop-in jetted bathtub can be fitted into a platform or even into the floor to create a more dramatic effect. Jetted bathtubs are also available as freestanding bathtubs. A clawfoot jetted tub is the perfect combination of the vintage feel of a clawfoot tub with the pampering benefits of a jetted tub.

A big trend these days is replacing a “cradle” whirlpool tub with a free standing tub.

Bathtubs can be versatile additions to any master bath or secondary bathroom in your home. Whether you opt for a jetted tub, two-in-one shower/tub combo, or a simple statement tub, your bathroom will gain new functionality with it. As opposed to showers, bath tubs give you the freedom to easily bathe your kids, or even just relax yourself in a personal spa-like environment.

While style is a major factor, which bathtub you select will depend at least partially on the size and configuration of your bathroom design. Contact Kansas City’s bathroom remodeling experts at Mission Kitchen and Bath today, and we will help you find the perfect tub to transform your space.