Kansas City Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home. It is where family and friends gather for good food, great conversation, and memories that last a lifetime. Give your kitchen the remodel it deserves by partnering with the experts at Mission Kitchen and Bath. Our professionals will help you create a kitchen renovation that fits your budget, needs, and wants, all while completing the project in a timely manner. From stone countertops to faucets to islands and more, we will help with every aspect of your remodel, ensuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

Top Kitchen Trends
- Natural Stone
- High-Tech Accessories
- Bold Cabinet Colors

Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling

Mission Kitchen and Bath is here to help you plan and complete your next bathroom remodel. Your bath area should be a little piece of paradise that you can enjoy each day. That is why we specialize in creating elegant master bath and secondary bath designs using the best products available. Whether you simply want a new shower like those in The Onyx Collection or are looking to completely revamp your entire bathroom, our experts will help you along every step of the way, meeting each unique need and style taste to develop a room that brings value and joy to your home.

Top Bath Trends
- Aging in Place Design
- Walk-In Showers
- Floating Vanities

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Planning a kitchen or bath remodel?



Make sure you have allotted plenty of time. Check with Mission Kitchen and Bath on their scheduling as well. Materials can take anywhere from 2-3 days to 4-6 weeks to arrive on the project site. Kitchen and bath cabinetry are usually custom designed and ordered. Granite or other specialty countertop material will take time to fabricate.



Don’t be afraid to disclose this in the very beginning. Let us know this upfront. We will let you know if your budget is realistic for what you want to accomplish. We will assist you with design and material selections that will keep you within your budget.



This will help you to figure out the breakdown of cost per year. If you plan to move in the next 3-4 years then perhaps your budget for materials need to be simplified. Clients tend to upgrade materials when they plan to live in a home longer than 5 years. Or perhaps you are now “empty nesters” and plan to retire there. This will also assist in the design process of planning for “later in life needs”.



If you are pleased with your present layout and kitchen and bath cabinetry are in good condition, then perhaps a simple update will work for you. Replacing a shower, removing carpet and installing tile on a bathroom floor or a new granite countertop and tiled backsplash and a fresh new paint color or wall paper will change the entire look and feel of your space. Mission Kitchen and Bath has a designer on staff or we will work with your designer to make this happen for you.



Example: I love the layout of my kitchen – but I hate these oak cabinets. My cabinets are in good condition I just want a new granite countertop with an under-mounted stainless steel sink and a beautiful new stone backsplash. Make your list.



I hate that my cook top is on my center island. I hate this peninsula or island, we seem to be always walking around it. I hate the location of my refrigerator. I don’t have enough cooking prep space. I have no storage. Make your list.



(1) Very Important (2) Important (3) NOT Important
_ Budget flexibility
_ Traffic flow through the space
_ Function of space
_ Timeframe of project
_ Look of the space
_Brand name of materials
_ More efficient space planning
_ More efficient storage
_ Traffic redirected through a different layout



Strictly functional
Warm and cozy
Open and airy
Transitional (clean design with some detail)
Family retreat (very casual)



Here are a few examples: Do you need more space for entertaining large group of family and friends? Do you want to add a center island or create a peninsula in the kitchen with space for eating? What type of appliances do you want to incorporate in the new design that you don’t already have? New cabinetry layouts can be designed around new appliances in new locations. Perhaps the formal dining area is no longer useful; removing walls can open space for an informal eating area. Perhaps removing a jetted tub that is rarely used will allow space for a larger shower. Describe your “dream” kitchen or bath.



Last on the list but not the least of importance is lighting. What can be relocated or added to give your new space additional lighting. Even though it is #10 on our list, it certainly does not define it priority. Lighting is everything. Once your final design is decided, Mission Kitchen and Bath will advise you as to enhancing the lighting of your new space whether it is talk lighting, recessed lighting or decorative pendant or chandeliers. It is very important to the function beauty of your newly remodeled area.

About Us

Mission Kitchen and Bath is owned and operated by Al A. Felman, CKBR (Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler) who has been in the residential and commercial building industry since 1977. Since 1994, Mission Kitchen and Bath has specialized in the remodeling and repair of bathrooms and kitchens. The company is located in Mission, KS and is fully insured and licensed in Johnson County as a Class 3 contractor.

  • “First, I wanted to thank MKB for our old home selling in 90 minutes, over asking price, and at the highest price our old neighborhood had ever seen. It was all because of the kitchen and utility room renovations you all did.”

    -Terry L.

  • “This is the second job MIssion Kitchen and Bath has done for me. The first was a complete kitchen remodel. I can only lament that I have no more kitchens and baths left! They are prompt and capable and communicate well. The site is always completely clean at the end of the day. The owner of the company visits regularly as does the designer--even when there is really no reason for them to do so. And I always have their complete attention even on a job this small. Sure wish these folks did more that kitchens and baths!”

    -Sara and David

  • “I chose Mission Kitchen and Bath (MKB) from the 5 contractors I interviewed for several reasons: they were able to bid the entire job, they were able to bid the job without bringing in a cast of other contractors, they offered design assistance, and they have their own employees. I have run a small business and have great respect for those who also employ others. It also means seamless interface and a clear line of responsibility. They were also willing to work with my budget. If my house were worth $750,000, I would be more likely to want to spend $75,000, which was the average project cost of most of the other contractors I spoke to.

    The project started on time and ended on time. I was very grateful that MKB also coordinated the kitchen demolition with Habitat ReStore where I donated my cabinets, countertops and some appliances and furniture.

    Our carpenter was always prompt, always took a short lunch break, and always put in a full day. (He also played music I liked, but hardly loud enough for me to hear.) He has higher standards than I do and I had no qualms leaving him alone in the house for the day. The two subs (wood floor and electrical) were well supervised. At the end of each work day, the tarps were removed and the work area cleaned. I had input every step of the way.

    I am impressed with the whole team. I enjoyed talking to Al, both about my project and his business. There is very little he doesn't know about kitchens and baths. His designer was a great help in the design department (took me all over town, in fact) and I was never sorry when I took her advice (I am way more into function than style.) I have since had to call about a few minor details and they have normally come the same day and handled the issues expeditiously.

    I love my kitchen and spend more time gazing at it than I do cooking in it. All the neighbors who have come by have loved it as well.

    Oh, and they will be adding a counter-height vanity to our master bath this spring.”


  • “The original plumbing had been installed incorrectly back in 1980, so that there was poor drainage, leaks, and a slight sewer smell in this small upstairs bathroom. Al was joy to work with. Other bids were thousands higher and a few did not even want to tackle the job. Al helped me to select the tile for my shower and made recommendations for my new faucets and showerhead and door. The job took about 2 weeks, but the result was beautiful. Mission Kitchen and Bath did all of the work except for installation of my new shower door, which they arranged. I have used the bathroom for 4 months now and still love it.”


  • “We had a great experience with Mission Kitchen and Bath. The stayed on budget and on time. It took three weeks to complete the project. There was a one-week delay for the installation of the shower glass, but that was the fault of the glass supplier. Henry did exactly what we wanted and completed all the work himself (except for the glass installation). He was professional and friendly. He showed up every morning cleaned up every night. He called if he was delayed.

    We only have one bathroom and Henry was very accommodating. He kept a toilet in place for all but a few days of the project. We have a stall shower in the basement, so we were able to stay in the house for much of the remodel, though we did house-sit for someone for so we were able to go there for a full bathroom as well.

    When we found out that the incorrect toilet had been ordered and installed, Mission Kitchen and Bath allowed us to purchase the correct toilet on their account at a supply store and they installed it the next day (we offered to go get it ourselves to speed up the process and make sure we got what we wanted). They took responsibility for the error and told us not to worry about it. The toilet was not returnable since it had already been installed. We were very grateful that they took this in stride and made sure we had what we wanted.

    The finished bathroom looks fabulous! We have a modern walk in shower with a new window that opens at the top with a crank. It looks great and allows for ventilation. The shower has a glass partition with open concept entry (no shower door). This saves space in the tiny bathroom and provides an open look. We have subway tiles on the walls, and penny rounds on the floor. Sonya, the designer, was very open to our unusual ideas about the open shower and the choice of penny rounds and was also encouraging about our preference for buying many of the materials and fixtures (towel bars, tp holder, medicine cabinet, etc) ourselves. She also made great suggestions and helped us make choices that would work in our tiny space. Al, the owner, stopped by personally before the project began and several times during the project to make sure everything was on track. I would highly recommend Mission Kitchen and Bath!”


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