It’s All About Mixing Metals

One single selection of a design can lead you to create the entire picture. This is precisely how Mission Kitchen and Bath designed this stunning bathroom. They started with one component and then used it to select the other components, including a beautiful mix of metals.

Many people are resistant to combine different metal finishes in the same space, believing that everything should be perfectly matched. However, mixing metals, even in a small space like a bathroom, is a great way to add dimension. The contrast of the different metals creates layers and depth.

There are a variety of ways you can mix metals to look great. You can mix matte and polished elements in similar hues, such as nickel and chrome. Or, mix light and dark metals, such as nickel and bronze. You should restrict the number of metals you incorporate into your design to no more than four for the best results. Also keep in mind that if you have exposed hinges on your cabinetry, the cabinet and drawer pulls should be done in the same metal.

In this bathroom design, the designers at Mission Kitchen and Bath started by selecting a striking granite countertop that featured a blend of white, bronze, silver, and black elements. Next, they found a glass tile that complimented those same elements. From there they continued to incorporate other components in a variety of finishes, including chrome fixtures, antique bronze light fixtures, and burnished hardware. The pendant lights featured bubbled glass that created a warm metallic glow.

In addition to the carefully selected mix of metals, components were selected that all used clean lines, including the cabinet doors, pendants, tile, and hardware. The end result is a gorgeous bathroom that is warm and inviting.