Luxury Showers are a Big Trend in Bathroom Remodeling for 2016

As the new year gets underway, many of us set our goals for the coming year. If remodeling your bathroom is on your list, you may be looking for ideas. One of the big trends in bathroom remodeling this year will be upgrading the shower, using it as the focal point for the bathroom. These upgraded showers go well beyond the small, basic stall showers or tub/shower combinations of the past. Today’s showers, especially in the master bath, are luxurious, spa-like showers that offer a number of indulgent features.

Larger size

Perhaps the biggest change is that showers are getting larger. Homeowners with enough space may choose to include both a large shower and a freestanding tub. But for those with limited space, the tub is being eliminated entirely to accommodate an oversized shower. These larger showers offer amble space for features such as built-in shelving and benches. When deciding just how much to expand your shower, keep in mind that a single shower head may not be able to produce enough steam to keep all areas of an expansive shower warm. Installing multiple shower heads may remedy this issue, but may also put a strain on your hot water heater.

Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are also popular, in part due to the convenience and easy cleaning that they offer. No door means less glass to try and keep clean. Surprisingly most walk-in showers take up the same amount of space as a shower/tub combination. But by eliminating the tub and door, your new walk-in shower will feel much more spacious and make your bathroom look larger.

Multiple shower heads

Why choose just one shower head when you can install multiple shower heads to serve different functions? Installing multiple shower heads lets you choose which type of water stream you want based on your needs or mood. Use a soothing rain or waterfall shower head one day and a massaging body spray shower head the next. Or install different shower heads at different heights to accommodate different family members. Just make sure your plumbing can provide adequate pressure for more than one shower head and that your hot water heater can provide enough hot water.

Shower seats

Built-in or drop-down shower benches provide a number of benefits. The most obvious benefit is providing a place to sit, where you can relax and unwind as you shower. For women, a shower seat can make shaving their legs easier. A shower seat can be an important feature for those with mobility issues or disabilities, providing physical support to allow them to shower comfortably and safely.

Pebble shower floors

Many homeowners are opting for a pebble tile shower floor. These floors tend to be more durable than other shower floor materials and create a beautiful, natural look.