Give Your Kitchen a Modern, Streamlined Look by Concealing Your Appliances

Kitchen appliances have come a long way aesthetically since the bulky avocado green refrigerators of the past. But even today‚Äôs sleek, stylish appliances can disrupt and distract from the design of the kitchen. In response, the use of concealed appliances has emerged as a hot trend in luxury kitchen design. Concealed appliances, sometimes also called hidden appliances, are a great … Read More

Bring the Spa Experience to Your Bathroom with an Open Shower

In the past, showers consisted of little more than a shower head and a shower curtain installed inside a bath tub. Today, there is a vast range of shower designs to choose from. One that has been gaining popularity is the open shower. Open showers provide the luxurious feel of a spa retreat, making them especially popular for master suites. … Read More