Current Bath Trends in Kansas City

Your bathroom should be your own personal paradise. Complete with every practical piece you need, this space should also feature elements that you simply love and that will add to the value of your home. The space should be functional, but also have that extra bit of beauty that creates a luxurious experience for all who enter. Luckily, designing a bathroom that fits all of the above is easy when you choose to include current bath trends. Whether you see it in a magazine or simply at a friend’s house, these trends in bathroom design are being used by homeowners across Kansas City, and are the perfect addition to your next renovation or remodel.

Floating Vanities
Gain much-needed floorspace and indulge in elegance with a floating vanity. This trending design adds visual appeal to your room, while also remaining practical for everyday use. Customizable with your choice of materials, size, and color, floating vanities are growing in popularity each day.

Wall-Mounted Toilets
Who says a toilet can’t be stylish? When you choose a wall-mounted toilet for your next bathroom remodel, you can enjoy both extra space and sophistication. Easy to install, these trending toilets leave a smaller footprint in your bathroom, appealing to minimalistic homes.

Aging In Place Design
One of the best things you can do for your home is to follow the trend of aging in place design. Made up of taller toilets, adjustable cabinets, accessible showers, wider doorways, and more, this design keeps your home functional as you age and need the extra help. Plus, aging in place elements in your bathroom add exceptional financial value to your property.

Dark Hardware
The current trend of dark bathroom hardware brings polished style to any home. These small pieces have a big impact when it comes to creating a calm, relaxing environment. Dark matte finishes are also great for resisting fingerprints and keeping your space looking incredible with less upkeep.

Walk-In Showers
A trend that is going nowhere any time soon is that of walk-in showers. These spacious pieces can be personalized with your choice of tile pattern, multiple shower heads, and even sky lights. Finishing touches like custom shower doors from The Onyx Collection bring even more style. Ideal for master baths, walk-in showers give you a taste of luxury each morning.

Statement Bathtubs 
One way to make a big style impact in your bathroom is with a trending statement tub. These freestanding bathtubs are often featured under a large window, and elevate master baths with intricate body design and hardware. Available in a number of different sizes, there is a statement tub for perfect for any home.

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