Bathroom Showers in Kansas City Metro

The current trend in bathroom remodeling is to replace the basic, utilitarian shower with luxury showers with spa-like features. Mission Kitchen and Bath can design a custom shower for you that will transform showering into a full-body sensory experience. Creating a custom shower is a great way to add luxury to the bathroom.

Imagine stepping into the shower after a long day to be massaged by an invigorating, high-pressure shower head. Or wake up gently in the morning with a soothing, light shower spray. Want a little of everything? Consider installing multiple shower heads at different heights or on different walls to meet all your showering desires.

The bathroom remodeling experts at Mission Kitchen and Bath can create a custom shower that will provide you with a personalized shower experience to fit your lifestyle by installing a custom combination of shower components.

A Few Ideas For Creating The Perfect Custom Bathroom Shower

  • Mission Kitchen and Bath can include a variety of shower heads in your custom shower, including wall-mounted shower heads, handheld shower heads, and even over-head shower heads that emulate rain. Installing multiple shower heads offers true customization of your shower by allowing you to include a variety of pressure intensities and shower head heights.
  • Using materials such as ceramic tile, glass tile, or granite in place of the standard plastic inserts adds a warmer, upscale feel to your bathroom shower.
  • Use seamless glass doors to create a richer look for your bathroom. Using hinged doors in place of traditional sliding doors is also becoming popular.
  • Adding heated tile to your bathroom shower is a great way to make your custom shower warm and inviting on cold mornings.
  • Built-in benches are a great addition to your custom shower. They provide comfort, safety, and visual appeal to your custom bathroom shower.
  • Increase the size of your shower by replacing your bathtub with a tub-sized shower.
  • Create an open feel in your bathroom with a doorless shower. A partition or small wall can be used to create separation and help keep water contained to the shower area.
  • Include accent tile in your custom bathroom shower to tie it in with the rest of your bathroom.
  • Install a skylight in your custom shower to add natural light to your bathroom. This is especially effective in showers that are in the corners of the bathroom.
  • Consider taking your custom shower high-tech. Mission Kitchen and Bath can install features such as speaker systems, lighting systems, and digital shower controls that save each family member’s personal shower preferences.