Thinking of Installing a Kitchen Island in Kansas City? Here’s Why You Should!

One of the most popular additions we are asked to include in many kitchen remodels is an island. Kitchen islands tend to make kitchens larger, more functional, and more pleasing to the eye than those that have a big empty spot in the middle of their floor. But in addition to just being a nicety, why else should you consider installing a kitchen island in Kansas City? Here are just a few reasons.

  • Kitchen islands add storage by incorporating cold wine racks, additional cupboard space, shelves, and pull-out drawers.
  • Kitchen islands add workspace with a full kitchen countertop, sink, and often even stovetops.
  • Islands are a perfect stopping place for kids in the morning. They can sit to eat their breakfast, grab their lunch items out of the handy storage spaces, and even wash up afterwards.
  • They bring extra seating to your kitchen. Need we say more?
  • You can install movable islands! If you need more counter space when entertaining in the living room, it can be moved there. And if you just need more floor space in your kitchen? Just wheel it out of the way.

Kitchen islands do boast their own certain luxury, but having one in your kitchen is about much more than just showing off a great room. If you’ve ever thought about adding an island to your kitchen space, call us at Mission Kitchen and Bath today to schedule your complimentary kitchen consultation.