The Year of the Master Bath

master bathroom

When people think of remodeling their homes, they often immediately consider starting with rooms like the dining area, living room, or basement – rooms where the most amount of people spend the most amount of time. While those rooms are important, recent remodeling trends are pointing toward the popularity of re-creating a more private place – the master bath.

In fact, we are in the midst of The Year of the Master Bath. Current home improvement practices show that, not only is redoing your master bath a fun and stylish choice, but it also is a wise way to add value to your home.

For homes built in the 1990’s with master baths over 200 square feet in size, now is the ideal time to remodel and upgrade to a more efficient, stylish, and worth-while setup. Most homes built during this time period were completed with a typical master bath that included a large jetted tub, and a separate small shower. Both of these elements are quickly becoming recognizable as features of the past, and are being replaced by new and improved technologies.

For instance, many homeowners have taken it upon themselves to remove the large jetted bath, and replace it with a free standing tub. These free standing tubs allow for the room to open up in a more modern fashion, and provide endless style and aesthetic choices. Homeowners are also expanding their small showers to create a luxury environment. By pushing out walls to make more shower space, adding skylights and hinged doors, or even designing an accent tile pattern, homeowners are able to take their simple shower and turn it into a relaxing space that rivals even the best spa.

The remodeling of a master bath even allows for homeowners to get creative with storage space and style. Many emerging trends include higher vanity height, and even additional built-in towers with extra outlets so that no one is without power while curling their hair or charging a razor.

When you take the time to customize your master bath, you will add a level of value to your home that you can experience each and every day, and that will also add to your home’s worth in the long run. Join in on The Year of the Master Bath, and enjoy your improved space for decades to come!