Mission Kitchen and Bath Remodel Wins Big at REMY Awards

Remy Winner Kitchen Mission Kitchen and Bath

The REMY Awards are a prestigious honor given to top remodeling projects in homes all across the Kansas City area. Judged on a 90 point system that includes project overview, before and after photos, budget considerations, overall aesthetic appeal, and communication with the homeowner, the winners of NARI’s REMY Awards are the best of the best in the remodeling industry. … Read More

Keep Your Kids Safe During a Home Remodeling Project

As anyone who has ever survived a remodeling project knows, it’s not an easy process. While the end result, hopefully, makes it all worth it, the actual remodeling process can be stressful and cause upheaval to routines. If you have kids, this stress and upheaval can be magnified, for both you and your kids. Some kids may experience heightened anxiety … Read More

Should You Remodel or Relocate to Get the House You Need?

As families change, housing needs change. Young couples starting families or adding to their families find themselves in need of more space. Older couples with children leaving the nest find themselves with too much space or space that no longer meets their needs. The question then becomes do you move to a new home or remodel your current house to … Read More