Mission Kitchen and Bath Remodel Wins Big at REMY Awards

Remy Winner Kitchen Mission Kitchen and Bath

The REMY Awards are a prestigious honor given to top remodeling projects in homes all across the Kansas City area. Judged on a 90 point system that includes project overview, before and after photos, budget considerations, overall aesthetic appeal, and communication with the homeowner, the winners of NARI’s REMY Awards are the best of the best in the remodeling industry. … Read More

What Are the Best Kitchen Amenities for Your Space?

You’re going to spend a lot of time worrying about things such as kitchen cabinetry and countertops when it comes time to remodel your kitchen. But what about all those little details that can really make the room pop? Here are some of the best kitchen amenities that are being included in kitchens today, and why you should consider them. … Read More

Hot Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel in Kansas City

When you’re about to embark on your kitchen remodel in Kansas City it’s all about lifestyle! Kitchens are really the heart of every home and so, you want to make sure yours isn’t only beautiful, but functional too. That’s why we’ve created this list of the hottest ideas for any kitchen remodel in Kansas City, to kick start your own … Read More