Spruce Up Your Kitchen for the Holidays

The holidays are a time of get-togethers and entertaining in your Kansas City home. It’s also the perfect chance to début a newly remodeled room.

As families tend to congregate in the kitchen to chat and watch the cook work their magic, it makes for the perfect place to start that home remodel you’ve been meaning to do all year. Changing this one room can really make a difference in the feel of the whole house. We can spend hours in the kitchen on any given day, so why not start there.

The kitchen itself is a very versatile space. You can change everything about it: the cabinets, the fridge, the sink, the accessories, the small appliances; everything in it can be changed right down to the drawer handles. Some little things can easily be done and it can be a slight improvement, but why not consider an even larger change for the holidays.

Consider installing an island or updating your current one. Counter space and storage that can be provided from adding an island is something we can all use more of in our kitchens. It’s a perfect spot for a few extra seats, an extra sink, or simply extra cabinets space. An island is about as versatile as a kitchen itself. There are many ways you can improve your kitchen by simply adding an island and customizing it.

By installing an island in the middle or maybe even building in a breakfast nook, you can give yourself extra space for all your family and friends to fit in one single room during the holidays and family get-togethers. You won’t have to worry about excluding people from the conversation simply because there wasn’t enough room.

It doesn’t even have to be a large build item to make a kitchen upgraded. If you need an extra oven, consider adding a double oven to a current column of cabinets. When the holidays or any big occasion comes around, one thing that typically goes through the cook’s min­d is “I need an extra oven!” Eliminate this problem before it even becomes one.

The holidays are one of our busiest times of the year here at Mission Kitchen and Bath with people preparing their house for all the gatherings to come. If you’re in the Mission, Overland Park, Prairie Village, or Roeland Park areas, call us early at 913-362-4242 to get your spot for that little upgrade and then start thinking ahead for what we can really update next year!