Shower Solution: Ceiling Installation to Help Maintain Heat

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Very few things in life are as nice as a refreshing, hot shower. However, when your shower area doesn’t heat up during the cold Midwestern months, that magic can be lost, and you can be left with an unpleasant, unused, chilly bathroom. 

Recently, Mission Kitchen and Bath visited a home where the master bath’s shower often went unused during the winter due to its low temperature. In this particular home, the master bath ceiling was exaggerated and tall, which allowed all of the shower’s heat to escape to the surrounding air, without warming the actual shower space. While not uncommon in many modern homes wishing to use open, spacious designs, this bathroom layout can cause major comfort problems if not addressed. 

To be able to give these homeowners the shower experience they want in their master bath, our team of experts came up with a solution. Together with the residents, we opted to install a ceiling above the shower area, enclosing it and any heat it may produce. This tactic allows for the homeowners to still enjoy their elegant high ceilings in the rest of the master bath, while increasing the overall comfort and usability of their shower. 

By installing a ceiling specific to and surrounding the shower, the warm water and steam created by the space stays locked within the shower walls, helping the temperature to remain high and soothing to its user, even during excruciatingly cold Kansas City winters. This solution uses standard rules of science to keep cold air out, mixed with a beautiful design to maintain the overall atmosphere of the master bath. 

As a finishing touch, our team worked with the residents to match their existing paint color, as well as the crown molding on the new shower ceiling. By being mindful of these details, we were able to blend the new ceiling effortlessly into the room, making it look as though it was there from the start. 

By combining our knowledge of best ceiling practices and design elements, we were able to give these homeowners a shower space they cannot only use, but also love. 

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