Onyx Maintenance Free Shower Kit

One of the most used areas of your home is your shower. Whether you crank up the hot water each morning, or wrangle the kids for a cleaning at night, your shower is a bathroom staple in your house. Treat your shower space like the vital area it is by installing an Onyx Maintenance Free Shower Kit.

Based in Kansas, the Onyx Collection of showers are made from a combination of alumina trihydrate crystals and a unique proprietary polyester resin. This one-of-a-kind design creates durable products that are easy to clean and maintain over a lifetime. This durability makes for showers that are designed to last forever. In fact, Onyx believes that they should, and will replace your piece if anything were to ever go wrong.

The Onyx Collection of shower kits, including the Maintenance Free line, is as vast and varying as homeowners in the Kansas City area. With countless colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, the kits can be personalized to fit your individual taste, while performing at top-notch standards. In fact, these shower kits have the ability to be handicap accessible, and even come in upwards of 60 colors with varying finishes.

While available in a number of different sizes, the most popular kit is the 36×36 platform which is perfect for standard homes, providing residents with a classic bathroom aesthetic that is both beautiful, and functional. Great for master baths as well as secondary bathing spaces, this shower size can be set and installed to fit any bathroom, and even customized to fit built-in vanities and other hardware.

An inexpensive investment toward your home’s quality, the Onyx Maintenance Free Shower Kit is easy to install. In fact, while Mission Kitchen and Bath is happy to help you get your new shower set up, installation is so simple that you could complete the task yourself in an afternoon. With delivery available throughout the Kansas City Metro, there’s nothing holding you back from getting your new shower ASAP.

The next time you need your shower replaced or are looking to remodel your bathroom, opt for the Onyx Maintenance Free Shower Kit. Affordable and easy to install, this shower system will be a stunning addition that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about the Onyx Collection of showers, visit Mission Kitchen and Bath today.