Kitchen Lighting in Overland Park 101: Choosing Task Lighting

Task lighting is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen lighting in Overland Park. Task lighting is just that – lighting fixtures that are installed specifically to help you perform tasks easier, and to see better while working on those tasks. Sounds like a simple concept, but aren’t you always working when in the kitchen? So how do you know where to put this lighting when you’re getting a kitchen remodel in Missouri?

First, identify where the work stations are, or where they’ll be when you’re finished kitchen remodeling. These are usually places such as under cabinets (to shine on countertops,) over worktables or islands, or recessed lights that are still over the work area, but bring a broader and more even light to the work. These last fixtures are usually reserved for entire kitchen remodels, as they do often require extensive wiring behind the walls.

Once you’ve chosen where your fixtures will go you’ll need to determine which kinds of bulbs you want to use – and this is just as important as the fixtures and where you put them! Halogen bulbs are some of the most popular with homeowners because they provide a soft glow that isn’t harsh or too bright. Others though find bright fluorescents a better choice as they are very bright, as well as being energy-efficient!