Kitchen Island Trends

Your kitchen island is one of the biggest focal points of your home. From countless hours spent preparing food to gathering around to eat and socialize, a kitchen island provides not only incredible beauty to your space, but also the potential for unsurpassed usability. Give your kitchen the island it deserves by incorporating the latest design trends into your remodel.

Three kitchen island trends to use in your remodel include:

Appliance Inclusion
Whether a farmhouse sink, oven, or dishwasher, one of the biggest kitchen island trends is to include a major appliance in the design. Not only does this free up other room in your kitchen, but it also spreads out the overall footprint of your cooking experience, giving a more inclusive feel to your space.

Waterfall Countertops
Known for starting at the ground on one side of your island and wrapping its way up and over to form a countertop, waterfall countertops are becoming more popular in contemporary homes across the Kansas City area. Often made from quartz or other stone, these countertops are incredibly sleek and easy to maintain.

Mix-and-Match Materials
A major benefit to remodeling your kitchen is being able to customize it to your unique tastes. The kitchen island trend of mixing materials is the perfect way to do that. From quartz countertops complementing engineered wood bases to pops of brightly colored paint on the cabinets, mixing styles to form your own one-of-a-kind island is the perfect way to show your personality.

No kitchen renovation or remodel would be complete without a new island. Whether you simply swap your countertop for a new style, install an appliance, or completely overall the structure to be something brand new, taking advantage of the latest kitchen island trends during your project will give you a beautiful, functional space your whole family will love.

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