Kansas City-Area Bath Remodeler Keeps it Clean

Compiled by: Lacey Nix

Description of Work

Master Bathroom Remodel

Approximate Cost


This month, we’re spotlighting a review from a member Mike McClannahan of Kansas City, MO, who shared great details and photos about his master bathroom remodel performed by Mission Kitchen & Bath of Mission, Kansas. Reviews like this one are especially helpful because they include all the particulars along with great before and after photos, which let member know why you think they should hire or steer clear of a company. So next time you submit a review, don’t spare the details or visuals!

Member Comments

I had no idea how hard it is to get good estimates. Mission Kitchen was one of the only companies that responded quickly and got me a proposal. Others never delivered or didn’t show up. Before starting work, they reviewed important features of the job. The company even placed the dumpster on wood so it didn’t damage my driveway. They covered my steps with tarps each day and sealed off the bathroom when they worked to keep dust and smells out of our other rooms. This reduced the dust in my home. They even covered an adjoining closet to protect the clothes from dust and debris. Each day, they let me know what they were working on. Any unexpected issues were addressed quickly and fixed easily.


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