Incorporate a TV into Your Kitchen without Compromising Your Design

The kitchen has evolved into a multi-function room that has become the hub of the home. So it makes sense that more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate a TV into their kitchen design. After all, who wants to miss their favorite show or the big game because they’re on kitchen duty?

Putting a TV in the kitchen requires some unique considerations. It needs to be easily visible while being protected from moisture, heat and splashes. It should also blend in with your kitchen décor and be as inconspicuous as possible. When deciding where to place the TV, consider where you will be viewing it from, where the power outlets are located, and take into account potential glare from windows.

If you are installing a TV into your existing kitchen, you may have some limitation on where and how it can be installed. An easy option is to simply set it on the counter, but that takes up valuable counter space. Another option is use a wall-mount bracket. If you use a bracket with a swivel arm, you can adjust the viewing position as needed.

If you are incorporating a TV as part of a kitchen renovation, you have many more options for integration. One of the most popular options is to place the TV inside of one of the kitchen cabinets. This allows it to be concealed when not in use. You can use entertainment-style pivoting pocket doors that can be retracted during use to prevent obstruction or a retractable shelf will allow it to be pulled out when you want to use it and pushed back into the closed cabinet when you’re not using it.

Another option is to build a recessed niche that will allow the TV to be flush with the wall and be less conspicuous. This niche can be on a wall or placed with other appliances, such as next to wall ovens or above a refrigerator, so that it blends in and looks like another appliance.

One of the more high-tech solutions is to create an island that will allow the TV to retract down into the island when not in use.

When you’re selecting the perfect spot for your kitchen TV, consider selecting a place that will also accommodate other electronics, such as a Blu Ray player, cable box, wireless router, or charging station. Mission Kitchen and Bath can install additional power outlets as well as USB ports, which will allow you charge your USB electronics, like smart phones and tablets, without the need for an adapter.