How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Bathroom

When remodeling your home’s bathroom, it can be easy to get stuck focusing on the big items – like
showers, sinks, etc. However, one of the most important elements of your new bathroom is its flooring.
From tile to vinyl to hardwood to carpet, picking the right flooring for your bathroom is crucial. But how
do you make sure you are picking the best material for your home?

Ensure you choose the right flooring for your bathroom by keeping the following in mind while planning
your remodel:

Water Resistance
The floor of your bathroom will most likely see a lot of water over its lifetime. Be sure to choose a
material for it that is waterproof and will not warp, mold, or otherwise be damaged by any amount of
water buildup, like vinyl or tile.

Stain Outlook
When a makeup case is dropped in your bathroom, the last thing you want is a bright red lipstick stain
on your white flooring. When picking a material for your bathroom floor, be mindful of how stain-
resistant the material is, as well as how easy it will be to clean and maintain.

Home Style
The flooring you choose for your bathroom should blend in seamlessly with the overall style of your
home. If you have a rustic house, consider natural stone tile bathroom floors, or if your home is more
contemporary, clean neutral vinyl is often the way to go.

Overall Safety
Over the course of the day, there is a good chance there will be wet feet from the shower on your
bathroom floor. When choosing your new flooring, it is vital that you pick a material that is safe for
those walking. In fact, many different flooring options offer textured finishes to help in avoiding

Choosing the right bathroom floor for you home is the first step in setting your space up for a long
lifespan. By being aware of the different factors that go into a good floor, you can ensure your bathroom
not only looks beautiful, but also stays in top-shape for years to come.

To learn more or to find the right bathroom floor for your home, contact Mission Kitchen and Bath today.