Find out About the Latest Trend in Tubs for Your Bathroom Renovation in Kansas City!

When you’re embarking on a bathroom renovation in Kansas City, one of the first things you’ll most likely focus on is the bathtub. The bathtub is often the center of the bathroom, a place where one goes at the end of a long day to truly relax and unwind. But while Jacuzzi and jet tubs have been one of the most popular choices in the past, there’s a new tub in town, and it’s the soaking tub!

Jacuzzi tubs that had multiple jets on every side that could massage, rotate, and shoot out water in strategic pressure points really were one of the most requested items in bathroom renovations. However, homeowners are starting to need more from their bath. They need more peace, more quiet, and a more relaxing environment. The noise of Jacuzzi jets just doesn’t supply that.

Soaking tubs are very large tubs that are fully insulated, so they keep both you and the water very warm. They are very quiet, as they don’t have jets, and just about enough room for you to swim in. Plus, they also have the added bonus of not coming equipped with the large surrounds that Jacuzzi-style tubs have. Many homeowners like this safer option, as well as a sleeker, more stylish one.

Soaking tubs are becoming one of the biggest bathroom remodeling trends in today’s most updated bathrooms, as they provide for a quiet, relaxing experience that’s very spa-like. If you have the space to place it in a steam room – another one of today’s huge trends – all the better!