Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Kitchen Hardware

Whether you’re giving your kitchen a complete renovation or just looking for ways to freshen it up, don’t overlook the importance of the hardware you select for your kitchen. It’s amazing how simply changing out your kitchen hardware can dramatically impact the look and feel of your kitchen.

The most prominent hardware in your kitchen is the cabinet and drawer handles and knobs. Deciding between knobs or handle pulls is purely personal preference. Aesthetically one may look better than the other, but either one will function equally well with both cabinets and drawers. Many homeowners choose to use a mix of handles and knobs, usually in the same style or at least in the same finish.

With the vast array of kitchen hardware available, choosing it can be overwhelming. The style of your kitchen and the finish of your cabinets will help narrow down the hardware style and finish that will work best. Brushed finishes, polished brass, nickel and pewter are all good choices for traditional kitchen designs, while enameled or high-gloss metals blend well into modern kitchen designs. Virtually all finishes work well with white cabinets, while pewter, chrome, nickel and bronze work well with wood and colored cabinets. Glass knobs are a great way to add elegance, sparkle or color to your kitchen.

When selecting pulls or knobs, be sure to try out the hardware and make sure it is comfortable and easy to use. Are there sharp areas or rough textures that may bother you? Do they provide adequate clearance between the pull and the door?

If you have exposed hinges, you’ll also want to make sure they match the finish on the hardware you have selected.

It is even possible to personalize your appliances and tie them in with the rest of the kitchen with coordinating appliance pulls. Appliance pulls can be used on refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens. They also work well as pull handles on large drawers or tall cabinets and pantries.

The designers at Mission Kitchen and Bath can work with you to select hardware the complements and supports the style of your kitchen.