Declutter Your Kitchen Counters with a Built-In Charging Station

We’ve become a technology dependent society. Today, nearly everyone has a mobile device of some sort, whether it be a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop, an MP3 player, cordless headphones, or a handheld game system. The kitchen counter tends to be the most common landing spot for all these devices. Before you know it, your counter is littered with a mess of tangled charging cords and there’s not a single outlet that’s not in use. A charging station is the perfect solution.

Built-in charging stations have become a popular feature in the kitchen. There are a variety of ways to incorporate a charging station into your kitchen, whether you’re remodeling or just looking to coral the cords. A charging station will keep everything neat and organized, and some will even keep your devices and their cords hidden from view. You can even dedicate a spot for each family member, ending the constant battle for the last outlet or cord.

One of the more popular spots for a charging station is inside of a drawer. This keeps your devices and their cords out of sight. A power strip with power outlets and USB ports is installed in the back of the drawer and connects to your electrical circuit behind the drawer.

Inside of a kitchen cabinet is another popular location for a charging station. You can devote a single shelf to a charging station, with a power strip in the back. Or, you can dedicate an entire cabinet and create a message center, complete with cubbies or hooks for your keys and a white board mounted to the back of the cabinet door for notes and lists.

Another option is to install a small shelf that you can use as your charging station. Install an outlet behind the shelf with multiple power outlets and USB ports. While this won’t keep your gadgets out of sight, it will clear space on your counter and keep your tech gear organized.

If you want a sleek option and don’t want to give up drawer or cabinet space, consider a pop-up charging station. When in use, it rises up from within the countertop, then recesses down into the counter and becomes nearly invisible when it is not being used.

If you don’t want a built-in station, there are many stand-alone options that sit on the countertop but still keep everything neat and organized. At a minimum, installing additional outlets that include USB ports will help relieve congestion in your electrical outlets and give everyone a place to charge their devices at the same time.