Current Kitchen Trends in Kansas City

While a kitchen is a timeless space in any home, that does not have to mean that its design has to remain stagnant. In fact, renovating your kitchen to include the latest trends is an easy, fun way to add value to your home while also freshening it up for family and friends. Whether you are looking to undergo a minor kitchen remodel or are building a completely new space, these kitchen trends are popular for a reason. From HGTV features to write-ups in the most popular home publications, these trending kitchen staples are proven choices for Kansas City homeowners.

High-Tech Faucets
Your kitchen faucet sees a lot of use throughout a day full of cooking, watering plants, filling water bottles, and more. Make each time you reach for the faucet more enjoyable by opting for a motion-activated variety. These high-tech faucets allow you to turn water on with just the wave of a hand, and even come equipped with smart features that signal the water to turn off when not in use, keeping your kitchen safe. Motion-activated faucets for the kitchen is a trend that is not going away any time soon, thanks to their incredible functionality mixed with beautiful style.

Colorful Cabinets
While neutral was all the rage just a few years ago, homeowners are now choosing to show off their personalities through bold, bright cabinets. Deep blues, grays, and greens are now popular across the entire country’s kitchen space, giving new dimension to residences. Paired with white countertops to really make the shades pop, this colorful cabinet trend is easy to accomplish in any home.

Bold Backsplash
Another way homeowners are showing off their style is through trendy kitchen backsplashes. Instead of plain subway tile, many people are getting creative with intricately patterned tile or even bold shades that sparkle with the sun. Great as a single accent feature to the kitchen, this trend brings unmatched levels of brightness and personality to the culinary space.

Matte Hardware
From gunmetal black to bronze, matte hardware is the perfect trend to take advantage of. Easy to install, these dark shades require less upkeep than their counterparts, as the matte nature resists all of those pesky fingerprints left behind on other metals. Plus, matte hardware complements both rustic and contemporary homes beautifully.

Natural Stone
Few things are as warm and inviting as natural stone used in kitchen design. Whether for backsplash, countertops, or accent pieces throughout, the trend of natural stone is a long-lasting design feature. Natural stone comes in a variety of color, texture, and sizing options, giving you the chance to personalize it as much as you would like.

Concealed Ventilation 
While all of the great chefs know the importance of proper ventilation, not everyone wants a big hood displayed prominently in the kitchen. That is why concealed ventilation is such a big trend in kitchen design. From inner-cabinet varieties to hoodless versions, concealing your ventilation helps create a polished look in any kitchen.

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