Aging-in-Place Design

A major trend in home remodeling in the Kansas City area is incorporating aging-in-place design. This design style is all about being aware of the choices you make and the pieces you include in your build so that as you and the house get older, the setup will continue to work well. Aging-in-place design is always a great idea, so that when you reach old age, your home is already able to accommodate your needs.

A checklist of aging-in-place design elements includes:

Hard Surface Floors
Not only are hard surface floors beautiful, but they will also help aid in mobility as you age. Whether you potentially need a cane, walker, or wheelchair, hard surfaces allow for easy movement in a way that carpet does not.

Wide Doorways
Increasing the width of your doorways is a great way to make sure you don’t run into issues later in life when it comes to room access. All doorways should be wheelchair-friendly, and allow enough room for easy passing.

Height Awareness
Making the choice to install appliances at varying accessible heights throughout your home is another smart way to set you and your home up for future success. Consider opting for higher toilets or even lower sinks.

Low-Maintenance Materials
The last thing you will want to do as you get older is take care of difficult to maintain materials. During your remodel, be careful to choose pieces that are easy to maintain for a lifetime like vinyl or tile.

Main Floor Mindfulness
As you get older, there is a good chance you will want all of your necessities on the main floor of your home. Keep that in mind as you plan your remodel, and be sure your floorplans for both your master bathroom and kitchen are not only on your main floor, but also open enough to maneuver through as you age.

Incorporating aging-in-place design is a wise investment to make before you reach old age. By choosing to take on this remodel design style, you will not only give yourself a beautiful house to enjoy now, but also a home that will continue to take care of you for decades to come.

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