4 Facts About Mission Kitchen and Bath

Mission Kitchen & Bath

Working with a professional to renovate your kitchen or bathroom is the best way to guarantee a job well done. However, not all partners are the same. When planning your next home remodel, choose an industry-leading partner who will not only give you the best end result possible, but is also simply the best – like Mission Kitchen and Bath.

Some unique facts that make Mission Kitchen and Bath stand out from the crowd include:

We Have Client-Centered Employees
Our long-term employees put the client first, and are given some of the best benefits in the business. Because of this, our clients are always treated like true partners, and are a vital piece of the remodel puzzle.

Our Customer Service is Unmatched
We wouldn’t be where we are without our customers, so we make it a point to treat every single one as a priority. Through daily interactions and even project managers who see a remodel through from start to finish, the customer always come first – no matter what.

We’re Going On 25 Years of Business
After two and a half decades of experience, we’ve come to learn that it’s true – the best things get better with age. There’s not a kitchen or bath project we aren’t able to tackle thanks to our history.

We Can Prove Our Reputation
It’s no secret that we are one of the best remodelers in the area. With over 30 REMY Awards to our name, and more references than we can list, there’s a reason Kansas City trusts us.

The next time you remodel your kitchen or bath, be sure to partner with an industry leader you can truly trust – us. At Mission Kitchen and Bath, we’ll stand by our word and our work (we even offer a two year warranty period), ensuring you get the most out of your home project.

To learn more contact Mission Kitchen and Bath today.