Use Layered Lighting to Improve the Functionality and Design of Your Kitchen

You’ve remodeled your kitchen, making it worthy of a gourmet chef, but without the right lighting, much of your efforts may go unnoticed. Inadequate lighting in the kitchen is a common mistake many people make. But how a kitchen is lit affects the functionality of the room. In addition, proper lighting can help avoid eye strain and save on energy … Read More

Select the Perfect Sink for Your Kitchen

Whether you’re replacing your current sink or adding a new sink as part of a kitchen renovation, there are more options than ever before. But all of these options can make it a challenge to figure out which one is the best sink for your kitchen. The sink is typically the most heavily used fixture in your kitchen and serves … Read More

Design Your Kitchen to be the Social Hub of Your Home

Over the years the kitchen has evolved from a purely functional space to being the heart and soul of the home. At social gatherings, the kitchen has a tendency to draw guests in like a magnet. Everyone migrates to congregate in the kitchen. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, this could make it difficult to cook and entertain successfully. … Read More

Create the Perfect Kitchen Pantry

Pantry storage is a must-have in any kitchen. But not all pantries are the same. If you’re remodeling your kitchen or just looking to maximize storage space, creating the right pantry is essential. There are a few universal rules for the perfect pantry. Ideally, your kitchen pantry should be able to store at least a week’s worth of groceries. Everything … Read More

Home Remodeling is an Important, and Necessary, Investment

If you’re like most people, your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. It is important to invest in maintaining and improving its condition and value. Home remodeling projects are a great way to do this. Whether it’s making upgrades or adding a new room, virtually all remodeling projects result in a more beautiful home with improved functionality … Read More

Customize Your Kitchen with the Right Features

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. It’s not just the room where you cook. It’s also the room where you enjoy meals together, entertain, relax, and possibly even work. In the past, the kitchen offered standard features found in virtually every kitchen. Today, the list of custom features and amazing options you can include in a kitchen … Read More

Complete Your Kitchen Remodel By Incorporating Color

The kitchen remodel is done. All the major components are complete and in place. Now it’s time to add the finishing touches and bring some personality to your new dream kitchen by adding some color. The kitchen has been elevated from a functional room kept separate from the rest of the house to a central gathering spot and heart of … Read More

The Biggest Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes in Kansas City, and how to Avoid Them

When it comes time for kitchen remodeling in your home, there are unfortunately many mistakes that can be made. These are the biggest ones that are made most often by homeowners, and how you can avoid them when embarking on your kitchen remodel project. Thinking small before thinking big. You may think that choosing appliances and countertops is going to … Read More

Kitchen Lighting in Overland Park 101: Choosing Task Lighting

Task lighting is one of the most important aspects of your kitchen lighting in Overland Park. Task lighting is just that – lighting fixtures that are installed specifically to help you perform tasks easier, and to see better while working on those tasks. Sounds like a simple concept, but aren’t you always working when in the kitchen? So how do … Read More

Hot Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel in Kansas City

When you’re about to embark on your kitchen remodel in Kansas City it’s all about lifestyle! Kitchens are really the heart of every home and so, you want to make sure yours isn’t only beautiful, but functional too. That’s why we’ve created this list of the hottest ideas for any kitchen remodel in Kansas City, to kick start your own … Read More